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Weightlifting Workout Textured Leather Hand Grips, Textured Leather Palm Protector Gymnastics Hand Grips For Crossfit(Grey)

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  • item name:Weightlifting Workout Textured Leather Hand Grips, Textured Leather Palm Protector Gymnastics Hand Grips For Crossfit(Grey)
  • item number:201707031641142
  • shop:TWDP
  • Time:2017-08-03 17:58:35
  • Brand:Unbranded
  • Type:Weight Lifting Glove

Bullet Points

1. Protect your hands : Made of texture suede leather 1.6mm thickness, Protects your hands during high rep pull-ups, toes-to-bar, bar muscle ups, ring dips, kettlebell swings, and other movements that are hard on your hands

2. Premium leather and nylon wrist straps : Top quality leather is not only durable but also soft and form fitting. Triple stitched bulletproof nylon wrist strap that holds everything in place but doesn't irritate your wrist

3. Comfortable design : Designed from the ground up for sports like Crossfit, weightlifting and gymnastics. Comfortable on your palms

4. Anti-slip : Reduce slipping from weights and bars to prevent injury from dropping heavy weight

5. Perfect for all bar exercises : Put our premium leather palm protectors between you and your equipment to make sure your hands stay protected

Product Description

Made from the high quality leather, our hand grip protection is combined with a wrist strap that stays in place and is super comfortable. No matter what your workout looks like, these babies can take it and keep coming back for more. Their textured leather surface eliminates the possibility of ripping out your skin and exposing pre-formed calluses, helping you grip firmly and finish every last rep. Please enjoy our product responsibly, and only for its intended purpose.

Detailed parameters
Type: Weight
Other: Anti-slip

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