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Thick Colorful Super Absorption Microfiber Hair Dryer Cap(Blue)

Selling price:
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  • item name:Thick Colorful Super Absorption Microfiber Hair Dryer Cap(Blue)
  • item number:201706161613191
  • shop:TTDP
  • Time:2017-08-08 15:37:14
  • Brand:Unbranded
  • Power Source:Other
  • Material:Other
  • Certification:Other
  • Type:Other
  • Installation:Other
  • Humidity Control:Other

Bullet points

1.Frosted surface helps remove dead skin cells, unblock pores and stimulate circulation.
2. Removes moisture without any rash marks on skin, for a smooth and polished skin.
3.Special fabric and compressed mesh, gives more foam and saves showering cream.
4.Portable and Lightweight makes it easy to carry when travelling.
5. Long lasting with high-quality material.


The nylon showering mittens did a great working in rejuvenating peeling that can Rejuvenating peeling and takes away the dead cells easily. It is fast-drying and deodorization,don’t forget put it in the dull and ventilate environment after showering,it will be drying for a little moment. The special fabric and compressed mesh make it is easy that making foam and saving showering cream. The seamless edges will keep it attach the skin tightly without slide,and the beautiful color makes you feel happy in the showering process.

Detailed parameters
Function: Hair
Function: Showering

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