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High Resilient Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion/ Lower Back Cushion / Support Cushion(Black)

Lumbar Support Cushion, Cushion, Lower Back Cushion, Memory Foam, Memory Foam Cushion, Support Cushion
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  • item name:High Resilient Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion/ Lower Back Cushion / Support Cushion(Black)
  • item number:201706291947011
  • shop:TTDP
  • Time:2017-07-24 18:02:52
  • Brand:Unbranded
  • Power Source:Other
  • Material:Other
  • Certification:Other
  • Type:Other
  • Installation:Other
  • Humidity Control:Other

This memory foam cushion can help support your lower back and relieve the pain caused by long time sitting. Whether you're constantly driving or sitting in your office all day, you need it to help you massage your waist and release your waist pressure. It can make your lower back feel no pressure and promote your health, which is basic for everything.

1.Filled with premium quality memory foam, which is breathable and comfortable

2.Support your lower back's natural curve to achieve the perfect spinal alignment and promote a healthy posture

3.Contoured design ensures a correct support and protects the lumbar spine 

4.Relaxes and adjusts the waist’s muscle group for a healthy status

5.Anti-corrosion bacteria, green environment

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