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The F2C is a better concept than the Amazon dropship

Time:2017-09-28 19:49:01

Ecommerce is developing by leaps and bounds today. You have people from all occupations gravitating towards ecommerce. People are becoming more comfortable shopping online today than ever. This moving trend has made companies like Amazon prosper like never before. They literally make a killing on each sale. Hence, they are able to offer freebies like free shipping, cash back offers, and so on. The day will soon come when every person will become capable of shopping online. Ecommerce websites like has redefined online shopping in a big way. Now it is very easy to buy China products online.

Usually, Chinese products are available offline at various shops all over the world. There is no guarantee that the product will be a good one. China has a very tough quality control policy as far as manufacturing products are concerned. Any laxity in the production methods leads to immediate rejection of the products. The Chinese traders are enterprising people. They buy such products at dead cheap rates and dump them in places like India. The Indian whole sale and retail market has not fully gravitated to the ecommerce mode. You still have people buying from the physical stores a lot even if you have the facility of buying them online. Hence, it becomes easy for the Chinese traders to dump their spurious products in the Indian market. This gives a bad name to the entire Chinese manufacturing industry.

Ecommerce companies such as wishes to change this perception. They work with a single aim of allowing people to buy wholesale products online easily. The have formulated a unique F2C method where the goods from the factory directly reach the warehouses in the destination country. This ensures that you get quality products for storing in the warehouses. You have stock of the products and goods at all times. Hence, you need not resort to the methods such as the Amazon dropship methods for promoting online sales.

The dropshipping method is a popular one today with almost all the online ecommerce stores using the same. In this method, it does not matter if the ecommerce website does not have the item that the customer is looking for. In fact, the ecommerce website would practically have no stock at all. On receipt of the customer’s order, they direct it to the respective manufacturer of distributor. It becomes the responsibility of the distributor to pack the goods and dispatch it to the customer. Hence, the ecommerce website might not even know how the product looks like. This is a huge disadvantage but the system works in many places today. At the same time the F2C concept used by the ecommerce websites such as have stock of the products in their warehouses. They receive the stock from their parent company in China. Thus, there is no scope for delivery of defective or spurious products. The ecommerce website knows very well what it is packing. Hence, this is a better form of online trade than the drop ship method.

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