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About Tojto.com

About Tojto.com

Hangzhou Tojto E-commerce Co. Ltd, established in 2015 in the context of cross-border business, is a born global ecological e-commerce platform.The company advanced the concept of F2C (factory to country), a fire-new idea of foreign trade service.Tojto turns international trade into each country's domestic trade by building overseas warehouses in various countries across the world. The new pattern removes intermediary process, since factories directly send goods to overseas warehouses. Thus Tojto is redefining “new foreign trade” and leading a foreign trade 3.0 era. Combining online platform Tojto.com with offline overseas Tojto China mall, the company provides Chinese factories with diversified sales channels --- online and offline, wholesale and retail, distribution and self-support, etc. Tojto achieves overseas localized sales for Chinese products, promotes globalization of domestic brands and elevates their industry status. Moreover, Tojto helps Chinese factories take back pricing power, increase turnover and profit margin.

Company origin:

1.12 years experience in purchasing and exporting consumer goods
2.English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and other 12 different languages
3.Have more than 30 molecular companies in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai, Shandong
4.Customers around the world of 200 countries and regions
5.The total number of groups is more than 1,000,

6.95% graduated from Peking University, Zhejiang University and overseas well-known universities
7.The Group annual export volume of more than US $ 500 million
8.More than 25,000 square meters of office space, more than 20,000 square meters of warehouses
9.More than 20,000 containers per year, more than 50,000 high quality factory resources

Why Chose www.tojto.com:


Overseas sellers selected the quality products in overseas warehouses which domestic factories have provided. A key distribution of the product on tojto.com to their own shops for sale, Though tojto logistics and overseas warehouse partners delivery to the final consumer's hands.

Domestic factories: Only need to produce good product, do not need set up a huge professional cross-border electric business operations team. Tojto can help you to achieve sales growth, profit margins and gradually expand the brand's overseas visibility.

Overseas sellers: Without need for early stocking which can solve the cash flow problem and save logistics costs.Without self-delivery to save more time for a wide range of sources selection.

TOJTO Vision Mission and Values:


Become the world's largest cross-border electricity providers service providers.


Provide one-stop cross-border electricity business services to help factories expand the global market.To achieve maximum sales, improve profit margins, to create an international brand

Values:Results-oriented, mutual benefit and win-win, customer first, teamwork

Major business:

1. Cross-border e-commerce platform and online selling.

1.1 Drop Shipping with worldwide free shipping: www.tojto.com

1.2 Wholesale in mixed container with worldwide free shipping: www.amandachina.com

2. TOJTO Mall (overseas physical stores).


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